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Posted by: Eddie
I remember eating in the car at the Dog n Suds in Parma,Ohio in the mid 60's. I can still almost taste those burgers! Best burgers on the planet! Root beer was super smooth and great flavor. Thank goodness there is still one close in Elyria!

Thursday 10 December 2015 - 15:53:06

Posted by: Sarah Asher Turpin
I worked at the Dog n' Suds in Corydon, IN. in the late 1960's! Loved making the root beer, but mostly loved the food! Would love to see one in Corydon again! I guarantee it would be packed all the time!!!

Monday 16 November 2015 - 22:39:13

Posted by: Jenny
Some of my fondest memories are of the Dog-n-Suds in Jefferson, Ohio. Fantastic burgers and the best root beer in the world! I was sad to see that it was gone. Then, one magical day, the store where I work began to carry "unusual" sodas and there was my love: Dog-n-Suds... in glass bottles, no less! I was thrilled and began to research. I found that there is still one a mere 200 miles away from where I now live. Rest assured that my husband and I will be headed up to Elyria as soon as it opens in the spring! I would absolutely LOVE to be there July 26th because I suspect that there will be festivities and that would be lovely.

Thursday 12 November 2015 - 14:51:03

Posted by: Elijah
I used to go to the one in Elyria all the time when I was a kid, I'm happy to see it's still open!

Wednesday 11 November 2015 - 19:11:20

Posted by: Fletch
Worked at Suds in Mooresville 1964and 1965 I made lot of Root Beer, frosted mugs and texas burger baskets.

Thursday 05 November 2015 - 08:18:03

Posted by: Cindy
Loved the Dog n Suds in Menomonee Falls, WI. Their 8" diameter Doozie burger that we split between us or broasted chicken were our staples for picnics the summer we were engaged in 1965.

Wednesday 04 November 2015 - 15:19:32

Posted by: Donna
We had several dog n suds here in Indianapolis, IN. until they were bought by Sonic, they have awful food. We went at lrast twice a week to dog n Suds. Now the Sonics have closed. I wish dog n Suds would come baack to Indianapolis. Miss you,

Tuesday 03 November 2015 - 10:48:19

Posted by: Darrell Fischer
My wife and I operated the "Dog n Suds" in Kimball, NE from June 1974 till June 1979. Met a lot of interesting folks during that period. We sent all of our memoirbilla items to the headquarters for their mesuem. Still think about the good old days

Tuesday 20 October 2015 - 16:59:02

Posted by: Randy from California
I remember a “Dog n Suds” at the corner by my grandparents’ home in East Moline Ill. In the late 1950’s. Loved that Root beer!

Tuesday 13 October 2015 - 06:12:09

Posted by: Kim from Overland Park KS
Oh my gosh, Dog-n-Suds was my very favorite restaurant growing up in the 70's in Blue Springs Missouri. I'd take a bite of the hotdog, a bite of French fry, and wash it down with that unbelievable root beer! No better taste in the world. I was so sad he day they replaced our Dog-n-Suds with a ridiculous cowboy restaurant.

Sunday 11 October 2015 - 11:35:08

Posted by: Warren
Used to visit the one in Hillside Illinois. Bicycle ride up!

Friday 02 October 2015 - 11:35:01

Posted by:
Hello world

Thursday 01 October 2015 - 09:00:07

Posted by: Alx Emrich
The Cherokee Pass location is open and operating year round. Just an fyi

Friday 25 September 2015 - 10:02:09

Posted by: Ken
My wife and I drove 1 and 1/2 hours to the Dog and Suds in Cherokee Pass Mo. The Rootbeer was EXCELLENT !!!!! Just like it was 40 years ago !! Perfect !!! Onion Rings were good. The ketchup had a very good tomatoe taste. The Texas burger was OK. WE determined that the meat could have been better quality and the Texas Burger was missing the Coney Sauce that we remember.Our waitress was friendly , helpful and cheerful. Thank you for being in business

Sunday 06 September 2015 - 15:39:25

Posted by: deborah
My mother worked at the dog n suds in Conway when I was a little girl she took the orders and I still have one of the small mugs that says dog n suds on it I miss that place it was here in Conway Arkansas. Thank you and God bless

Tuesday 25 August 2015 - 19:55:51

Posted by: Bill Wilson
Growing up on the southside of Chicago, we would ride our bikes to the local Dog n Suds. Moved to Indiana and found we had one in our small town. I just found out there is one open in Robinson IL. I am driving from FL to go there. LOVE THAT ROOTBEER !

Tuesday 25 August 2015 - 08:01:16

Posted by: Karen
I worked at the Dog n Suds on 104 in Surrey British Columbia from 1972 to 1976... does anyone have pictures from there?

Friday 21 August 2015 - 19:29:35

Posted by: Mike Peel
Dog-n-Suds was my favorite place to go eat and hang out as a young boy in Kansas City, MO and when visiting my family in Carrollton, MO. Just seen one in Rapid City, SD the first I've seen one in years I'd love to have one close to KC again to take the Grandchildren to.

Friday 21 August 2015 - 14:27:05

Posted by: Linda
One of my fondest memories with my Mother was a visit to the Dog & Suds located in Marshalltown Iowa. I remember the Texas burger and rootbeer that I had at that time with her. So pleased to see that there are locations left and hope to visit one in Illinois soon as I locate the one closest to me. Memories of the good ole days I see from reading other comments are still alive in many of us.

Sunday 09 August 2015 - 05:20:23

Posted by: Craig Allen
I meet my first wife, and the only woman that I have ever truly loved, at a Dog and Suds on Hillsboro Ave. in Tampa, Florida in 1966! The good ole days are gone forever!

Friday 07 August 2015 - 17:26:38

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