... We're Revivin' The Drive In

If you have found our site, you are one of many people who remember the good ‘ole days of Frosty Glass Mugs of Real Draft Root Beer and quality, cooked to order food served to your car by a cheerful Car-Hop at your local Drive-In restaurant. It was called curb service.

The Drive-Ins of olden days have largely faded away. Well maintained Drive-ins across the midwest are scarce, older operators that understand the Drive-In restaurant business are retiring and leaving their landmark businesses up for sale and their futures uncertain.

In their quest to be different, the younger generations have discovered the remaining Drive-In and many realize not only is the food quality far superior to the big fast food chains, but the convienience of Curb Service is much better than the mainstream Drive-Thru Window.

At a typical drive-thru windows, single file in your car, you wait until it is your turn. There is no time to look at the menu, no entertainment, just the slow progression while breathing other cars exhaust fumes. If your order is wrong, or if you need something else, there is no good option to get it corrected. How many times have you been honked at or yelled at by cars behind you in the drive-thru line?

Curb service is different. Pull into your own parking stall, contemplate your order on your own menu, when you are ready, push the little red button. When your order is complete, eat your food without having to move your vehicle, or simply pull out and take your order to-go. If you need something else, simply push the little red button again, and your request will be promptly fulfilled.

Give curb service a try. Seek out your nearest drive-in restaurant, you will be glad you did.

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